Meet our students

We're keen to develop innovative ways for you to engage with our students as well as offering simple and effective options of attending our career fairs or holding a recruitment presentation.

Recruitment fairs

We organise a number of generalist and sector-specific Careers Fairs throughout the year so you can attract a wide range of students or target certain disciplines. With thousands of students and graduates attending our fairs, they are an excellent way to reach large numbers of people.

Our fairs attract local, national and international companies and organisations, all with one aim: to recruit our high-quality students and graduates.

Ordinarily our careers fairs take place face-to-face at one of our excellent on-campus conference centres. However, due to the impact of Covid-19 and the continued need to employ appropriate social distancing measures we’ve decided to deliver our 2020/21 programme online, rather than in person. Your safety, and that of our students and staff, is paramount in our minds at this time.

For the time being our programme will be supported by a Virtual Careers Fair platform and will take place on:

Wednesday 3rd March - Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair

If your looking for final year or postgraduate students on the hunt for a graduate role or first & second years looking to secure work experience or an internship then this is the event to attend. Join us at our virtual Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair to meet our talented and impressive students. This is a free event to employers.

If you’re interested in joining our event please contact our Recruiter Services team to discuss how to get involved and reserve an online stand. 


Do you want to raise awareness of your company with our students? A presentation is a good starting point as you can provide an overview of your company, career opportunities and the application process. It also gives the students chance to speak to you directly. Talk to the Recruiter Services team to find out more.

Employer drop-in sessions

These sessions are an excellent way to raise your profile and meet potential candidates on a one-to-on basis. They can be arranged as a one-off event or as a follow-up to your company presentation.

Employer led skills workshops

Working in partnership with us will give you the opportunity to directly contribute to the employability of our students and share your knowledge and expertise.

On-campus interviews

Arrange on-campus interviews for the opportunity to meet our talented students who are keen to discuss their future with you.

Talk to us

If you're keen on working with the University but don't know where to start, get in touch! Complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to talk you through all of the ways in which we can help you.

To meet our students through our events, please:

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